Automate Due Diligence with Agile Land Insights

As a member of a business development or due diligence team, your review and analysis of the leases and other land data is critical in the acquisition process. Your efforts can lead to a profitable venture or a dog.

Whether you are bidding on a package, working a negotiated transaction, attending an oil and gas auction, or reviewing a corporation to acquire, it is your job to examine the data provided as well as the source documents so economic evaluations can be made as to whether the acquisition is strategic or not. Omitted data can steer your company to making a poor decision.

You may need to quickly understand any unenforceable lease or provisions, review deduct language to ensure the seller isn’t bearing expenses more than their share of the burdens, understand pooling and unitization provisions for completeness of rights, and if the memorandum of lease follows any statutes.

There’s A Better Way

Today, this “stare and compare” due diligence process is manual and involves long, strenuous, demanding hours of mundane searching and data entry.

But what if there were a better way? What if you could automate the painful part of the process of finding what you need to do your job AND be confident that what you provide to management is correct?

Let us show you a better way

Let’s face it, all leases are not created equal.

Avoid Risk

Lease age and form creator drive variability in the look-and feel of lease packages to new heights of complexity. Generalizing the records based on a small sample is not only financially risky, but can expose your company to unknown legal risks.

When time is of the essence, do you really want to rely on only what the seller is presenting you? Or reviewing only those records with the largest amount of acreage?

What if you could spend your due diligence time analyzing lease information instead of digging for information in leases?

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With Agile Land Insights (ALI) you can spend your due diligence wisely and efficiently. ALI allows you to:

  • review each oil and gas lease exponentially faster than by manual review
  • leverage your analysts as knowledge workers and not data entry staff
  • validate what the seller provided in a data room.

ALI automates the extraction of over 150 critical data elements from oil and gas leases and related documents to provide visibility into your obligations and opportunities.

ALI gives you insight into any consents (hard or soft) that need to be obtained to determine if there are preferential rights to purchase on any of the properties, assure the data is accurate and complete and make your life easier.

Hindsight is 20/20 but with ALI foresight can be 20/20 as well. Schedule a demonstration and risk-free proof of concept today.

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