Success Planting - Part 1: Planting the Seed

Chances are you've heard the term Success Plan when implementing a new software solution. Success Plans strategically map out how to meet a number of specific customer objectives using the vendor's software over the next three to twelve months or so.

But have you heard the term Success Planting? How does it relate to a Success Plan? Success Planting is bite-sized where a Success Plan is a three course meal. Success Planting is subtle with no line item on the meeting agenda while developing and reviewing a Success Plan is a meeting or two unto itself.

What does Success Planting look like? 

It can be a 30-second information tidbit in the middle of a 30-minute regular monthly meeting. It can be just the right webinar judiciously shared at the right time. Success Planting is inspirational. It's not a neatly packaged PowerPoint presentation stating 10 reasons why a particular new process will grow business by X percent. Rather Success Planting paints a glimpse into how that new feature just might be the first step in rethinking old processes that are unnecessarily slow, labor-intensive, and just boring.

When is Success Planting the best approach? 

Always! Whether the Customer Success Team is holding a 2-hour on-site business review, an hour lunch meeting, or even a 20-minute monthly web meeting check-in, there is always an opportunity to plant seeds for success. We might suggest a 30-second new feature demo, mention a particularly relevant upcoming live webinar, or ask a thought-provoking question, such as "With the progress your team has made in the last six months in accurately searching unstructured data, have you ever thought about (insert a crazy idea about abandoning a time-consuming process that's been unchanged for the past 20 plus years)?" Sometimes Success Planting is really just planting an idea.

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Author: Doug Havlik, Director of Customer Success at ThoughtTrace 

Contact: Brittany Bluestein, Director of Marketing, ThoughtTrace

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