​​ThoughtTrace CEO, Nick Vandivere, 2019 Forty Under 40 Honoree

HOUSTON (November 1, 2019) – The editors of Oil and Gas Investor announced the honorees of the magazine’s annual Forty Under 40 program today. ThoughtTrace is elated to report our CEO, Nick Vandivere, is among those honored. The honorees demonstrate excellence in entrepreneurial spirit, creative problem solving, leadership, and community involvement. After taking the reins as CEO in 2014, Vandivere’s excellence in leadership at ThoughtTrace has driven the company’s position as a technology and thought leader for the application of applied artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Enabling people and companies to greater insight and creativity

In the complex and volatile oil and gas industry, it is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible for companies to make heads or tails of what they own, what they don’t, and the risks and obligations involved during A&D, Competitive Leasing, Operations and Day-to-Day Lease Compliance. Vandivere and the ThoughtTrace team had tremendous ideas about what the industry could be capable of if they were empowered by newfound accessibility and understanding of the leases and documents that govern their business.  A firm believer that AI and technology can be used to improve lives, enable human progress, and help people make the most of their talents, Vandivere and team launched ThoughtTrace on a mission to enable people and companies to greater insight and creativity through better access to their most challenging information.

Vandivere leads a diverse and growing team at ThoughtTrace - a combination of domain experts, technologists, data scientists, and customer evangelists. He values each for their grit, which he considers the biggest predictor of success. He says,  

“Your first job as a leader is to be a force multiplier—to grow, mentor and empower your people... my role is to ensure that ThoughtTrace’s team members make the most of their talents.”

The ThoughtTrace team is united in the belief that technology is not a substitute for human ingenuity, but rather a tool that can augment performance in ways that are truly transformative. Vandivere's leadership encourages the entire ThoughtTrace team to never shy away from pursing audacious goals and perform at the highest level in pursuit of excellence and innovation.

Read the full article on Oil and Gas Investor’s website including video interviews and other special features with Vandivere and the other honorees. Profiles of each honoree also appear in a special supplement to the November 2019 issue of Oil and Gas Investor.

About ThoughtTrace

ThoughtTrace launched the first domain-specific, AI-powered document intelligence and contract analytics platform in 2017. Organizations in many industries have traditionally lacked domain-specific solutions for contract and document intelligence, leaving them with only a cursory understanding of some of their most important data. Leveraging AI as a compliment to human expertise, the ThoughtTrace software platform reads, organizes and structures data, allowing users to quickly identify actionable insights, and make better decisions.

Media Contact: Brittany Bluestein, Director of Marketing, ThoughtTrace, brittanybluestein@thoughttrace.com

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