WEBINAR: Alphabet Soup: Learn How BI + AI = ROI

Organizations of all sizes are struggling with the new rush of business acronyms, including AI, BI, ML and NLP. How do you make sense of this alphabet soup?

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ThoughtTrace presents this 45-minute complimentary webinar to help you learn and understand how the powerful technologies behind the letters can dramatically improve your business. You'll hear real-world examples of companies in Oil & Gas who have successfully implemented data analytics and BI solutions, and have solved tough business problems with easy math.

Please join us on May 9th at 12 pm CDT, where Catalina Herrera will show you how to:  

• Run your business with BI (Business Intelligence) tools
• Understand how data analytics can impact your decision processes
• See how AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning can maximize results. 

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ALI is a new breed of software that has the capability to read words, sentences, and paragraphs just like a human being does. With ALI you can spend your due diligence wisely and efficiently, allowing you to: 

  • review each agreement and contract exponentially faster than by manual review.
  • leverage your analysts as knowledge workers and not data entry staff.
  • validate what the seller provided in a data room.




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