Featuring ThoughtTrace Subject Matter Expert, Matt Brodahl

ThoughtTrace is the Land Professional's sidekick in shut-in situations, and Matt explains how you can easily preserve your acreage and your sanity with ThoughtTrace. The number of reasons to shut-in a producing well are abundant and those out of your control will wreak the most havoc on your day. During this webinar, Matt shows you how to leverage the power of ThoughtTrace and join the decision making process of strategic shut-in plans when external events dictate production cessation. Quickly answer questions around

  • Considerations for a controlled shut-in
  • The shut-in period before payment is due
  • The terms of the payment (per acre / per well)
  • Limitations on the shut-in -- consecutive or cumulative, hard termination language, and much more.

ThoughtTrace will help your land department become more nimble when responding to external forces, allowing you to coordinate with other departments to craft the best possible solution for your company.

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