ThoughtTrace’s new Provision Search is a great way to return fast answers to pressing questions, and assist with detailed analysis on a specific provision. This 30-minute webinar demonstrates how an experienced analyst can dive deep into a provision to review hundreds of leases and complete an expert risk assessment in a fraction of the time. In this provision search demo, Subject Matter Expert, Elizabeth Burke answers the question: Can we use a spudder rig to perpetuate this lease? This technique can be used with any provision and is key to exponentially speeding up analysis for an acquisition, development, or any business scenario.

Watch the recorded webinar here:


ThoughtTrace is built and trained for Upstream, Midstream, Utilities, Renewables, Commercial Real Estate and Commercial Agreements in a variety of industries. Learn more about how ThoughtTrace is used to efficiently assess the complex, broad, and even super specific contract terms buried deep in agreements in your industry. 

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